Monday, September 9, 2013

Stationery Love - Rock Paper Scissors

By Emsu

Among other things, something that Raus and I (yep, Raus too) really miss from South Korea is the plethora of cute cute cute stationery stores. There are dozens peppered throughout Seoul, and whenever we went out we would inevitably end up spending a few minutes in a stationery store to pick up some cute cards, letters, or notebooks. While Ann Arbor doesn't offer the vast number of shops, it does have at least one shop filled with things both cute and cool - Rock Paper Scissors!

I went by there the other day to pick up some cards, and found these pretty things. Awesomely, Rock Paper Scissors now has an online store too, so we can all enjoy their collection of goodies :) You can also show them some love on their Facebook page here.