Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cooking Korean: Black Bean Noodles and Korean Pancakes

I grew up eating Korean food. My mom is Korean and made sure that her two girls would be able to eat kimchi and spicy food as well as she could. So, food-wise, I was in heaven when I first moved to Seoul in 2008, and gained 10 pounds within the first 2 months. Raus, on the other hand, was not exposed to Korean food until he moved to Korea, and it took him a little time to develop his own taste for the fermented goodness that makes up a lot of Korean cuisine. There are still a few things he's not a huge fan of, but one thing he is always game for is a heaping bowl of jjajjangmyun, or black bean noodles.

If you know your Korean food, you may also know that jajjangmyun is actually "Chinese Korean food" not straight up Korean…even though they serve it all over the place in Korea and maybe at a handful of places in China. But that's not important; what's important is that it's super delicious AND pretty easy to make, which also makes it AmAZiNg (sticky caps for emphasis).

The recipe I used was modified from Beyond Kimchee, a wonderful Korean food blog. If you want to make her recipe please click here. I followed it almost exactly, but you'll be able to tell from the photos that I somehow doubled on the amount of veggies and used the wrong kind of noodles. I assure you, it still tasted like Korea!  Most of the ingredients are found in your neighborhood grocery store, but you will probably need to venture to an Asian food store for the black bean paste and the proper noodles.

The recipe I used for the Korean pancakes (or pajeon) can be found here. It was modified heavily because I didn't decide to make this until the last minute and lacked some of the ingredients, but as long as you have flour, green onions, and soy sauce, you're golden!