Friday, August 9, 2013

Exotic Fashion: Fashion and Exotic Shorthairs

Denim jacket and dress - Korean street market, circa 2011
Bracelet - Modcloth

Spent the day working from home, and took a timeout for a brief photoshoot with little Lavender. My wardrobe is primarily constructed of Korean fashion labels, since Raus and I lived in Seoul for 4 years. Korean clothes are cute and often incredibly cheap, so I have a closetful of similar items. 

I've tried to figure out a way to get my fix for Korean clothes while living in the states again, but have had trouble finding a site that delivers the quality + cheapness of many of my favorite streets stalls. You can find similar items at Coco Fashion though. I think I bought about 12 items from there at once, and out of all the pieces, maybe 2 were of a lower quality than I expected. Still wearable though ;)