Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Balancing on Belafonte: A game for all ages.

Both Belafonte and Lavender let you do pretty much what you want to them and they won't as much batter an eye lid.

Like the Persian, the exotic shorthair, is pretty laid back. Ok, Belafonte doesn't like being picked up and will only endure the act for a minute or two before he tries wriggling his way out of it, but once released Belafonte just plops down on the floor, quite happy to repeat the process.

So the other day we played our Belafonte Balancing game. Objective; Place as many objects on Belafonte before he gets up.

As you can see, we ran out of objects before Belafonte had had enough. Whether he thinks this means we will buy him more toys to add to both his and our amusement, or if he just can't be bothered I'm not sure. Either way there were no winners on this game day except Belafonte.