Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fashionable Cat Ladies (and Gents!) - Get Featured!!

By Emsu

What are you wearing:
I am wearing a dress from Forever 21 (purchased while traveling in Shanghai, and realizing I needed much much lighter clothes to wear), flats from Blowfish Shoes (there's a big sale right now ladies!), a bracelet from a shop in Seoul, and glasses from a street stall in Seoul.

What inspires your style: 
Since I lived in South Korea for 4 years, I am pretty influenced by cutesy styles and designs, but think I've toned it down a bit since I've returned to the states. Still, I usually like to wear things that I think look sweet. I love floral patterns and belted dresses and skirts. I think my style is a bit of a cross between Korean and American style these days.

Tell us a little about your cat:
My cat's name is Belafonte and he is an 8-month-old exotic shorthair! He is a snorter and tends to be anti-social, unlike his BFF Lavender. He loves to eat, nap in awkward places, and has routine "crazytime" (that's what we call it) every night around 9pm.

Where can we follow you:
You can follow me, Belafonte, Lavender, and my husband Raus at!


So I might have become a bit of a cat lady, but that doesn't mean I dress up in over sized sweaters and wear my hair crazy. Cat ladies can be fashionable too. So what ever your fashion we want to hear from you (and your cat!). 

So please submit your photos of you and your cat, displaying your fashion and your awesome felines. Answer the questions and we will be sure to feature you. You can contact us at lavebelilove[at]gmail[dot]com.