Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cooking Idea's: Spring Rolls

During term Emsu’s time is pretty much consumed with studying so it falls on me to do the cooking.

As a result I often find myself traipsing round the Supermarket trying to think of different meals to cook on a budget.

This week in an effort to use up remaining ingredient’s, rather than letting them go to waste, I decided to make some spring rolls with some beef I found reduced.

Recipes are great but every so often I want to experiment, see if I’ve learnt anything from countless hours of cooking shows and recipes.

I made three different types of Spring rolls. First was beef with ginger, garlic and oyster sauce.

Second was beef with chickpeas in Terakihi.

And third beef with beef with spinach, carrots and cilantro (coriander to us Brits).

Mixed in with complimentary spices the final results were good, though the third kind, the beef with spinach carrots and cilantro were the best.

I haven’t listed the recipes as that’s not really the idea behind the post, just an solution to making something a bit different, use up leftovers, and play chef.