Monday, September 2, 2013

Exploring Michigan: Clarkston

By Emsu

Since this summer began, I have been pretty keen on exploring different parts of Michigan. I think I've visited a total of 6 different towns so far, so I obviously have a ways to go, but Clarkston definitely ranks as one of my favorite places so far.

A few days ago, I was able to meet up with a dear dear friend of mine in Clarkston. The two of us hadn't seen each other since she left Seoul about 3 years ago (!!), and hanging out in this cute town was the perfect way for us to spend time catching up.

The cutest fashionista :)

Our first stop was The Union. This restaurant was amazing, both decor and food. The building is a refurbished church, and so many of the windows feature stained glass and most of the seats are pews! In the photo above, the board with numbers on the left was the old bingo board used in the church basement on bingo nights. 

I have a thing for mac and cheese. I've had a lot of good ones in Michigan so far, but the Union ranks in my top 2! (The other is from Zingerman's Roadhouse...I really can't pick between them.)

Mmm...turkey reuben.

So happy to be reunited!

I was very lucky to have absolutely nothing else to do this day, so after lunch we spent a lot of time just wandering around Clarkston's cute downtown area and popping in and out of little shops. Most of the photos below are from the Union General, a little gift shop next to The Union. 

I come across so many stationary stores that sell wrapping paper like this. I love them so much, and have framed a few of them in our apartment! They make excellent posters, especially at $4-$5 a pop.

Love cute cards. Love cute EVERYTHING.

Cupcakes! Sadly I was too full from lunch to try anything. I'll have to return for a future trip back soon.

I want to learn how to make handmade soap now.

Lovely little tea tins, made in upstate New York.

After our shopping session, we headed to another local favorite - Cook's Farm Dairy. This WONDERFUL ice cream shop is actually located in Ortonville, but it's still close enough for a visit if you're ever in Clarkston. 

Welcome to America, where a "single" cone looks like this! I got Pistachio Almond on top of Coconut Almond Fudge. I don't like to speak in superlatives normally...but this was the best ice cream I've ever had. Srsly.

We got to look at the cows who made our ice cream while we ate our ice cream. Thanks cows!

After ice cream, we went to my friend's aunt's house and lounged outside for a while. I got to see a lot of this:

It was a really great day. Definitely a town I recommend visiting, preferably with a long-distance friend :)