Friday, August 30, 2013

Saturday Night Tapas and Dark and Stormies

By Raus

If there is one thing that Emsu and I enjoy more than anything, it is eating out. Though the food is of course important, the experience relies on so much more. Both mine and Emsu's favorite restaurant experience was during a trip to Brighton in England (my home away from home). After wandering the streets for a good hour looking for somewhere to eat (I'm fussy), we came across Solera, a tapas restaurant run by a family originally from Spain.

With the company of my best friend and former flat mate, the three of us proceeded to have perhaps the most amazing culinary experience of our lives (it sounds over the top, but trust me it was awesome). 

While the staff was friendly, the food awesome, and the red wine flowing, it's the nature of tapas I love so much. The opportunity to try little dishes of food, eaten slowly through laughs and conversation, makes a tapas place my go to for a great night out. Even bad tapas places (we have been to a few) are normally still good experiences. 

So well done Spain, you invented the perfect eating experience!

So on to our Saturday night. With a fridge full of little bits of leftovers, I set about preparing a few dishes, while Emsu made us some Dark and Stormies. 

It doesn't really matter what you're making, or whether it has a spanish flare, but four or five dishes, some drinks, the woman you love, and good conversation (we were wrapped up in a conspiracy theory debate and bad journalism), can make for a beautiful date night.