Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top 5 Tumblers As Chosen by Belafonte

There is nothing more I like to do than sit down on a lazy afternoon with a couple of treats to nibble on and tumble away on the old inter web. Lavender, my dear friend and companion, finds peace in such activates; Poor Lavender, who is forced to communicate through a series of sneezes.

So I have taken the trouble to select five of my most enjoyable Tumbler’s featuring both my exotic and Persian peers. Oh how dear they are, a few quite fetching young felines that if I was younger cat and hadn’t had my balls so sanctimoniously removed, would be found to chasing on a wild Saturday night.

My first though is not a pretty young lass, but my old chum and once drinking partner Snow Bert. Old Bertie and I would often find ourselves grumbling over this tired old world, drunk on warm milk, on a Friday night.

A rather exotic Exotic Shorthair, Bert never fails to disappoint with his well chosen poses.  Oh Bertie you blue eyed fool, you make a dandy man out of me.

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My second is the quite marvelous Sir Bainbridge, a cat of legend and myth, there will be books written about this one and they will all end in some heroic fashion no doubt.  

With his panda like appearance and keen sense of adventure Sir Bainbridge is never far from danger laughing in its face. Sir Bainbridge we salute you. 

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Next is Blackberry, a name that lingers on my lips during those long cold nights. 

Of course my heart still bleeds for my unrequited love, but she has moved on and I respect that, even though when I stumble on this tumble my heart fills with what ifs. Oh my pretty black pumpkin.

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Spoon face killer, perhaps the most notorious of our five today. A cat, a killer, a extreme napper. God forgive the soul that meets this Persian on a dark night. Don’t let her cute and harmless expressions fool you, she will rip your eyes out and devour your tongue quicker than you can nibble your kibble.

Poor Lavender knows this only too well. The vets said she lost an eye, but she lost so much more. So much. Spoon face killer, a great tumbler, a deadly cat.

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The last is Chester Smooshy face. My nemeses. Look at him the dim witted clown, yes I called you a clown Mr. Chester Smooshy face!

I will not divulge the details of our feud, but it is enough to say, I was once a young confused cat and promises were made. Oh Mr Smooshy Face, I loved you, you bastard.

Well enough of that. Check back next week for my five favorite poos. 

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