Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our Apartment; The Kitchen

So it's nearly been a year since we moved into our apartment in Ann Arbor after making the switch from Korea. After living in crappy little flats in Seoul we really wanted a place that felt like home. With limited funds we couldn't do anything too drastic, but with a lick of paint and some purchases (Ikea and Salvation Army) we have started to make it feel like ours. 

We painted the walls a light grey, while we repainted the cupboards to freshen them up. 

I like to cook (and I'm quite skilled at making a terrific mess while doing so) so it was important to have lots of surfaces in the kitchen. We got two kitchen stands from Ikea and put them together. 

The rest of the kitchen is pretty simple, a little few touches of memories from Korea, some on display storage and a cute garlic holder we found in TJ Maxx for a couple of dollars. 

There is still more to be done (pictures on the walls etc) but its a good start with the budget we were working with, and i'm pretty taken with the green lino floors and surfaces now.