Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Apartment: The Study

For the study we wanted somewhere where we both could do our work, a little space that both inspired and calmed the soul. With little room to play with we opted for two large shelves that run across the length of the room, and a desk on the opposite wall, rather than against the window. 

We painted the walls a light grey again, and filled the room with splashes of color. The red chairs were purchased from a yard sale, while the desk and lamp are from Ikea. The two shelves we got from Home Depot, cut to the length of the room.

The little bits and pieces are collected from our travels, little reminders of where we've been and where we want to return. 

Korea is excellent for picking up cute little stationary pieces. They do cute better than anyone. 

A lot of the room features home made projects. The magnetic pin board is a old picture frame, some metal from home depot and fabric from a thrift store than Mary Soo put together. The posters were quotes from some of my favorite Wes Anderson movies. 

I really like this room and I feel we used the space really well. I hope you like it.