Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cat Tumblr's You Should Be Following

Cat Vs Human

The drawings and comic observations of a girl named Yasmine, Cat Vs Human is a delightful tumblr that delivers that daily dose of comic musings, where all us Cat owners can grin and mumble stuff like 'Oh that's so true' 'Arn't cat's the best'.

There is now a book full of little cartoons detailing the deadly battles of cats vs humans. Check out her website here and follow her on Tumblr here.

Mostly Cats. Mostly

There are thousands of Tumblr's focused cats, I like Mostly Cats. Mostly, though because it posts a little bit of everything. Pictures, memes, gifs, some things that are removed from cats.

Follow them here

Fuck Yeah Felines

Another collection of cat photos, sometimes through submission, other times through reposting. I like this Tumblr because it posts a nice mixture of the cute and cuddly and the daft and adorable.

Follow them here

Sweet Fur

Sweet Fur is a Tumblr belonging to the owner of what must be the largest collection of cuties alive. This Tumblr is rarely updated but for one of their videos alone its worth the follow.

Explore their Tumblr here

Squish Face Kittens

As a owner of exotic shorthairs, I'm a fool for the squished faces, and Squish Face Kittens tumblr is a great place to find the cutest squished faced kittens around.

Follow them here