Monday, August 26, 2013

Date Night in Ypsilantii - Wurst Bar and Corner Brewery

By Emsu

It was recently brought to our attention that although Ann Arbor has several delicious culinary offerings, neighboring Ypsilanti has several awesome contenders as well.

Raus and I hit up Wurst Bar for dinner and were not let down by their tasty selection of bratwursts  and beers. Raus was adventurous and ordered the Spicy Rattlesnake Chorizo with caramelized onions on a salted pretzel and I got the PBR Poached Bratwurst with kimchi-kraut (!!!) on a brioche. Both were super tasty, as was our appetizer - poutine tots! Make sure to check em out on Facebook as well.

Mm...rattlesnake chorizo!

Afterwards we went for a couple beers at Corner Brewery, the distribution headquarters of Ann Arbor Brewing Company.

Sadly, it was pretty late when we got there so we weren't able to take any good photos of the interior, but this place has a giant outdoor seating area perfect for these last cool nights of summer. You can keep up with their events on their Facebook as well.