Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Crafting with Lavender - Crayon Art

By Emsu

I didn't mean to craft alongside Lavender, but she got very curious with what I was up to and wanted to pretend she was helping out. She wasn't helping out, but I let her stick around because she's so stinkin cute.

Such a little foot.

I bought the small canvas from Michael's. I actually wanted to do a painting, but since we are trying to save money and we had all these crayons, I figured I would just use them instead. My concept was to make a bouquet. You will soon see how this quickly turned into some sort of rainbow tornado..

Lavender trying to assist me.

When doing crayon canvas crafting, you should start by peeling the paper off all the crayons.
Lavender: "You should play with the crayons first!"

All done!

Once your colors are peeled, you should lay out a big spread of newspaper, get some pliers and a blowdryer, and make your art. I use the pliers to hold the crayon close to the blowdryer and the canvas. Without pliers, your fingers can start to burn a bit. Plus, it's easier to get a splashy effect by using the pliers.

And voila! It actually did start to look like a bouquet in the first 5 seconds, but after the colors showed no signs of not splashing all over the place, I just went with it. It adds a nice swirl of color in our dining room. 

Has anyone out there used melted crayons for crafting projects? I would love more ideas! I have tons and tons of crayons!