Thursday, August 22, 2013

Apartment Love - Vanity

By Emsu

While a lot of the heavy rework in our apartment was completed by my lovely husband, there's one set of projects I completed all on my own, and that's my bedroom vanity.

Raus and I went to a thrift store in Ann Arbor and picked up this old desk, now transformed into my giant makeup chest. I sanded it down and painted it. The black chair was found in a separate Ann Arbor thrift shop (they have so many good ones here!).

The body of the lamp on the left was purchased at Ikea, and the body of the one on the right, as well as both lampshades, were purchased at Target.

The dishes I use for my rings and some earrings are from Bed Bath and Beyond. Most of my jewelry are treasures from my travels. The little card is a haiku written for me by my younger sister :)

This tree was originally brown and meant to hold earrings, but I decided to transform it into a bracelet holder, since I had no place to put all of them, and painted it black to match the vanity.

Some trinkets from Korea - a coin purse and a jewelry holder, where I keep my lucky tiger's eye stone.


My two journals.

One of my favorite mini projects! I bought the frame from Michael's - it's just a simple wooden frame (it has 2 parts, a front and a back). I then cut up some lace I received when I got married and secured it with ModPodge in between the 2 wooden frames. Very easy, and looks cute!

My other favorite little project! I bought the frame at a thrift shop and bought the little knobs at a craft store (Michael's again, I think). I think painted the knows and the cardboard inside the frame black, and glued the knobs onto the cardboard. Again, super easy! I think my favorite necklace is the mini ocarina on the left. Love ocarinas, oh man.

And lastly, mini polaroids of some of my favorite people. 
Thanks for reading friends! This was one of my favorite posts so far :D